Beautiful, Encouraging, Optimistic
Snow White's perpetual positive spirit, boundless wonder, and ability to make friends with anyone (except wicked witches) endears her to every heart.

Snow White

The only person who ever hated her despised the things that make her timeless. Snow White is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She's fast friends with huntsmen, dwarves, and even animals!
Even in the darkest of times, Snow White loves to hum a merry tune, do her best, and wait patiently for her prince!
  1. Story Time!
    Story Time!
  2. Forest Ceiling
    Forest Ceiling
  3. Twirl
  4. Never a Sad Moment
    Never a Sad Moment
  5. More Stories
    More Stories
  6. Follow Me!
    Follow Me!
  7. The Fairest in the Land
    The Fairest in the Land
  8. Forest Home
    Forest Home
  9. Apples!
  10. Dancing
  11. Don't Do It!
    Don't Do It!
  12. Everyone's Friend
    Everyone's Friend
  13. Dangerous!
  14. Come and Play!
    Come and Play!
  15. Contemplating
  16. Beauty among the Beauty
    Beauty among the Beauty
  17. Snow White!
    Snow White!
  18. Adventure!