Imaginative, Free-Spirited, Inquisitive
This mermaid's transformation from fins to feet has taught her an ocean-full of valuable lessons she's excited to share!

Mermaid Princess

This mermaid's absolutely stunning, shimmering tail will dazzle your little ones and leave them speechless.
She loves to sing, dance, (when she has her feet), and just have fun! Sure, she still gets confused when she is at the dinner table and sees a fork, but how can we hold that against her?
With a little magic, your favorite mermaid princess can appear at your land party with two feet or your pool party with a beauiful, shimmering tail! How's that for versatile?!
  1. What's a Fork?
    What's a Fork?
  2. I have feet!
    I have feet!
  3. Ocean
  4. Ocean Beauty
    Ocean Beauty
  5. Tail Flip!
    Tail Flip!
  6. Beach walk!
    Beach walk!