Adventurous, Friendly, Meek
Dorthy embodies the difficult lesson that true happiness is found in what you have and the people you share it with.


She didn't always appreciate what she had, but when disater strikes, Dorthy uses her positive spirit and surrounds herself with loyal friends in order to get back to what she never should have left.
Along the way, she encountered her fair share of Wicked Witches, but she quickly learned that when you have friends and a noble mission, there's nothing that can stop you.
  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . .
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . .
  2. Farm Girl
    Farm Girl
  3. Red Barn
    Red Barn
  4. Uncle Henry's Farm
    Uncle Henry's Farm
  5. Horse
  6. Cows
  7. Corn
  8. Lovely
  9. Hay
  10. Sitting Pretty
    Sitting Pretty
  11. The Witch!
    The Witch!
  12. Give me those slippers!
    Give me those slippers!
  13. Pals?
  14. Where am I?
    Where am I?
  15. Come here, my pretty!
    Come here, my pretty!
  16. Watch out!
    Watch out!
  17. Behind you!
    Behind you!
  18. Good and Not so Good
    Good and Not so Good
  19. Fire!
  20. Beware!
  21. Welcome to My Wood
    Welcome to My Wood
  22. The Western Witch
    The Western Witch
  23. You're Mine!
    You're Mine!
  24. Title 24
    Title 24